How to win at roulette

How to win at Roulette: different strategies you can use

All casino players are dreaming to learn how to win at Roulette and to find the strategy can help them do it. It does not matter much if you play online or in a land casino: it seems that Roulette cannot have any rules as its rotation can stop any moment.

If it is true, then how to win at Roulette machines? Can it be done without cheating?

How to win at Roulette strategies

It is possible to enlarge your chances of a victory, making bets in a special consequence. These strategies differ a lot, but they work at least 50% of the time when you use them.

Learn about the most popular ones.

Martingale strategy

The essence of the method is to double the bet after losing. A double increase in bets helps with constant defeats, at certain stage luck will turn your face to you.

The problem here is that you need to have much money initially — it will allow you to play for a long time. The casino must not also have the limits to the number of bets for one player.

Biarritz (Makarov system)

This tactic involves betting on a certain number throughout the entire game cycle. For example, you bet on the number 14, and all 36 turns of the roulette should repeat this bet. If you win, the prize amount will be equal to the total sum of bets minus cash that was not won before a winning chance. If the number has not dropped out, there is an opportunity to double the bet and bet again on the same number or to bet on a new one.

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The advantage of the strategy is its simplicity; its minus is the lack of dynamics because you need to wait only. At the same time, in an online casino, it works not so often than in land casinos. Therefore, if you want to learn how to win at Roulette faster, try other tricks and get the better payout.

Oscar Grind strategy

strategy roulette

Those gamblers, who wish to know how to win at online Roulette using the simplest methods, can try it. Its essence is to increase the bet by 2 times when winning. Then you lost, the bet amount should be equal to the previous rate.

The strategy will not give a big win, it is great for traditionalist players, but like all these methods it does not give a 100% chance of winning.

Thomas Donald strategy

The essence of the method is a long wait for a series of victories, the ability to get into the necessary phase and based on this, make a bet increasing or decreasing it.

The disadvantages are the great length of the play, which is not always allowed to be done at the casino. Another minus is the presence of much money for a game.

Whittaker strategy

It is used in cases where the player does not have a large amount of money. The essence of the strategy is that if you lose, you should go back 2 bets back and wait for the winnings, which cannot be large.

However, there is a possibility that the winnings may not come, and then the player will lose the deposit.

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The system of three rules

This is the basic game system for those who want to know about the methods that will help them to improve the odds and learn how to win at Roulette. It is based on the following: choose European roulette, where the chances of winning are higher.

However, be cautious with the bets and play choosing obviously winning options.

Basic Strategy for all players

In case you are dreaming of getting more information that will help you to understand how to always win at Roulette before you start the game, you need to learn the rules of the casino, know the basic concepts of the game, be able to navigate in time to make a bet.

You should be able to manage your financial deposit, play only with your own money and stop on time anyway. It is also necessary to check the casino for the honesty of payments, the transparency of the rules, the speed of withdrawal, and the efficiency of technical support.

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